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Monday, November 21, 2011

Helping Others Find Balance

In today's world we are constantly bombarded with negative news.  Terrorism, Islam, the country in economic distress, high unemployment...well, just take your pick.  As women we are even more susceptible to the negativity because we are fighting it in our children's schools, at the market, on our jobs, and every single time we turn on the TV or radio.  Well there is a way to balance all that negativity and Reese Ccup is helping us all find that balance.

A wife and mother, Reese already has her plate full but she takes the time to help BigDawg (Andrew) and Lisa Mei Norton promote conservative artists from around the country through their website bigdawgmusicmafia.com. Reese is part of the BigDawg Brigade and she does an absolutely fabulous job welcoming new members with a smile and a word of encouragement.  And the best part...even though you're communicating through a computer, you really feel like she's happy to see you there.  To communicate warmth and acceptance through the most anonymous form of contact we can have with another individual...well, that's a very rare gift indeed.  She helps in the important task of giving activists, like me, and artists a place where they can go to revive their spirit with positive and inspiring music and art.  Reese and the BigDawg Brigade help us all balance the negativity we face every day with an infusion of the positive.  And I can guarantee, Reese will be happy to help you find the artists that will feed your soul, your heart and your mind if you're having trouble finding it yourself.

I spoke to Reese at length this past weekend and we discussed her work on America Akbar with Gadi Adelman.  Together they take on the heavy issues of Islam and terrorism in America each Thursday night on blogtalkradio.com.  Although she has been researching Islam for thirteen years she only began producing Gadi's show and educating others on the topic of Islam since May of 2010 and related to me how quickly the topics discussed can bring a person down.  Knowing this, Reese selects music for the breaks from the artists at bigdawgmusicmafia.com to help balance such a frightening and depressing topic.  We talked about the importance of her music selections and how it helps break up the negative topic with a little positive.  Balance takes on an entirely new meaning when you're dealing with a subject that will spark heated and passionate debate from the left.  Reese provides that balance for the listeners and for Gadi himself.

Reese gets her major infusion of positivity through her work on the weekly show BigDawg's Music Hour on LibertyBellRadio.com.  For our conversation she brought along her co-host and the man behind LibertyBellRadio.com, Matthew Vermillion.  I think he was little disappointed that I was more interested in her thoughts than I was his.  Oh well...this is a blog about women for women.  Together they select five songs from the artists at bigdawgmusicmafia.com and one artist to interview each week.  While listening to their thoughtful introductions of each song and the artist behind it during the first half, you can feel the love and admiration they have for each individual or band.  You know that they believe with all their heart in what that artist represents and the message they are sharing.  The interview portion of the show feels like your listening to a group of friends sitting down in their favorite coffee shop to spend a little time catching up with each other.  I almost feel like I'm eavesdropping...lol.  I think a big part of the credit for that goes to Reese.  She put me at ease the from the very first and I felt like I was just chatting with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.  That is another talent of hers that brings balance in a world that is just waiting to tear a person down.

Like me, Reese is a child of the Reagan era.  She spoke of growing up in a liberal home but not being at peace with liberal ideology.  In her own words, "Reagan spoke to me, his message resonated with me."  That was something I completely identified with.  Reese has been following politics since she was young, but it was only after the 2008 elections that she has become an "activist".  Her activism consists of getting the truth out on Islam and terrorism while balancing that with promoting artists that have a patriotic and/or conservative message.  She has a deeply held belief that our Founding Fathers got it right and that we need to preserve those ideals by upholding the Constitution and not tearing it apart.  That gives her work a truth that you can feel because you know that she believes it.  Her heartfelt love of country and faith is also another form of balance that Reese helps others find.

At a time when I felt like throwing in the towel, Reese helped pick me back up and encouraged me to keep fighting.  So please...help me return the favor by supporting Reese in her endeavor to bring balance to a world in turmoil and confusion.  It is a privilege and a blessing that I have been allowed into her circle.  You can find Reese at:
BigDawgMusicMafia.com - almost any time

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/radio-jihad for America Akbar each Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m. EST

LibertyBellRadio.com for BigDawg's Music Hour each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. EST


  1. Candi, this is very inspiring. Thanks to women like Reese. I, too grew up in the Reagan era. It wasn't until 2008 that my political interest grew as well. I am not a political activist, but I have become more involved in politics and trying to get the message out about the fall of America by Islam. Thankful for all of you.

  2. Great article Candi. Reese, I don't know how you do it but any time I see one of your comments you manage to bring a smile. Thank you Reese and thank you Candi. You and so many at Big Dawg Music Mafia just shine!
    Dusty Cronin



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